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Top 3 Best Tires for Towing: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

When you're operating a tow truck or running a towing business, it's very important that you run the correct set of tires to safely get the job done. There's a lot of obvious and less obvious reasons for this, as you would probably imagine. But it's safe to say, when you're towing a heavy vehicle on public roads, you should do everything in your control to create the safest possible environment for the community, your customer, the vehicle, and don't forget about yourself.

Why Should You Use 10 Ply Tires for Towing?
If you're not running 10 ply tires on your tow truck(s), you definitely should be. This is something that should be done to ensure the proper load rating and provide an overall safe experience when towing, most importantly when towing heavy duty loads.
Ultimately, running the correct specification tires comes down to one thing; and that's your safety and everyone's safety around you/your team. How Do I Tell If a Tow Truck Tire Is Bad or…

What Is It Like to Be a Tow Truck Driver?

Not many people wonder what it's like to work as a tow truck driver on a day to day basis, however there are quite a few people who are considering a career in the towing industry, so we wanted to create this content piece to help answer any questions that they may have.
If you’re someone out there who’s interested in becoming a tow truck driver, you may already know that there's a few requirements that are in place before you can hop into a tow truck and take off down the street.
Here are the requirements to be a tow truck driver:
CDL (commercial driver's license) High school diploma or equivalent Proper Training (usually provided by the company)
As you can see, the barrier of entry is rather low when you compare it to other professions, however one of the things to consider is that many tow truck drivers are actually paid based on a commission structure. So that means that you’d be in charge of finding your own hauls in some cases.
Average Annual Salary and Commission Structure