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Key Components and Features a Towing Company Should Have

Often times many people don't actually know how to tell a bad towing brand from a good one, or a great one for that matter. The primary reason for this problem, is that it's definitely not something we do very often (maybe once or twice every couple of years). We've noticed that this is a common problem in the industry, so we've worked overtime to help create a solution for the community in Las Cruces. We've done this by creating a very detailed outline aka infographic, showing what to look for when requesting quotes from local towing service providers. It's better to know what you should be looking for in a tow truck company, so you may refer to this infographic that describes key indicators of a great towing company: Key features of towing services you need to know We really hope that this content helped provide you with some clarity on what features are most important when looking for the right towing service. Have questions? You may contact us b

What Services Do We Offer?

When looking to work with a tow truck company, you need to know what services they have to offer. This is something you should know because it's very important that you find a company that offers the best service for the situation that you're in. Here's an example: Say you're on the way to drop your kid off at soccer practice and your car or truck runs out of gas. This is a situation where you should find a towing company that provides a fuel delivery service rather than a flat bed towing service. Yes, we offer both flat bed towing and fuel delivery, however it would be advised that you opt for fuel delivery. Why? It seems like we're stating the obvious here, but you would seriously be surprised at the level of misunderstanding their is when you're in a state of panic or desperation. Rather than over paying for a full-service tow, it is advised that you find a company that's willing to tailor their services to your specific needs given the situatio

What To Do When You Need a Tow

Have you ever thought about what you should do in the event that something happens to your vehicle and you need a tow? It's not something we look forward to necessarily, but whether we like it or not, things happen. So we thought it would be a good idea to provide you or anyone in Las Cruces New Mexico with this information. It's better to be prepared for a situation like this, so you may refer to this infographic that we've made below: This infographic describes what actions you should take when you need a tow Now that you know the proper steps to take, we hope that you implement them to help keep you and your family as safe as possible when a break down occurs. If you have any questions regarding this infographic, you may contact us below. Our team would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have. Visit Us: Contact Us: Las Cruces Towing Company 1430 E Mesa Ave #4, Las Cruces, NM 88001 (505) 557-2785

New Tow Truck Policies in Las Cruces NM

If you're living in the Las Cruces area then you need to know what policies are in affect regarding the safety of you and your family. We decided to write this post for anyone who may be in need of a tow service or any sort of auto transportation locally. As time moves forward, more and more regulations are being passed to help create more transparency and safety for the community in Las Cruces. Here's 5 things a towing company in New Mexico can not do with your vehicle: Refuse to release a vehicle - You should think twice about paying upfront for a vehicle that has been impounded. Whether the vehicles was rightfully impounded or not, it does not matter. By law, a towing company must release a vehicle upon request, with or without payment. You will most likely have to pay if the vehicle was rightfully towed, however you can still request for a release and a payment plan 😊 Require cash rather than credit/debit card - Towing companies in Las Cruces must allow cu

What is a "No Damage Guarantee Policy"?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a towing company? It's definitely not a rare occurrence for people to break down or run out of gas, and end up getting their vehicle damaged by a tow truck company. As upsetting as it is, many tow companies in Las Cruces will not make an attempt to repair or pay for the damages to your vehicle, but rather deny that they did any damage at all. As time goes on, we've noticed that this is actually a true problem in the industry and no one is actively working to fix it. It seems as if it would make more sense to have an action plan for notable problems as such. So that's exactly what we did at the Las Cruces Towing Company. We started by asking all of our previous customers in the south west New Mexico area how we can pursue this problem and in what ways we can make the overall customer experience more appealing, while also reducing the amount of stress that comes with breaking down, running out of gas, or getting a flat tire